Land & Sea Stealth Executive Mask & Snorkel Set (Black) 420528

Land & Sea Stealth Executive Mask & Snorkel Set (Black)
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Land & Sea Stealth Executive Mask & Snorkel Set (Black)

Your eyes are then able to register a greater clarity of depth, detail and colour resulting in what you see coming alive with vibrancy and colour... It's magic! It's black magic. Low volume. Ideal for scuba, twin clear purge chamber & deluxe mouthpiece. Black silicone skirts eliminate peripheral refracted light, allowing your pupils to open further to accept only the light source emanating from your immediate field of vision. Nose purge for easy removal of water - Mask incorporates a purge system, super light, single-lens with easy adjustments and purge snorkel.

  • Dry Tip -prevents water entering the tube when diving underwater
  • Quick Release Snorkel Clip - to allow quick and easy adjustment
  • Nose Purge Chamber - Easily clears any water that enters the mask
  • Allergy-free properties, Black Silicone mouthpiece.

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